3-Wire Overbraid

3-wire Overbraid Style Cloth Covered Cord

Best described as a cross-breed between our twisted cords and our round cords, the overbraid cloth covered cord is unique in look and design. First, 3 wires are twisted together into a spiral, then a cloth braid is applied to the outside of the resulting cord, creating a beautiful texture and aesthetic. Inside the cloth the wires are modern day vinyl clad stranded copper cords, like all our other wires, color coded for hot, neutral and ground just like our round cord, but without the outer PVC jacket that gives the round cords their smooth round look. This cord can be used for all kinds of lighting, pendants, lamps, fans and other uses.

Vintage look, modern standards, Made in USA quality. Start on your rewire projects today, or dive into homemade lamp making, the sky is the limit with our supply of cloth cords, vintage style sockets, Edison filament bulbs and array of eclectic hardware and designs.

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