We ship worldwide direct from our shop in South Carolina, USA. Orders are generally processed and shipped within 1 business day. If there are any issues with availability of items or compatibility with the parts you selected, we will reach out to you before shipping. We offer multiple shipping options at checkout based on the speed you would like to receive your order. See the map below to get an idea on how long standard shipping will take based on where you are located relative to us, and decide if paying for faster service is worth it to you. Generally overnight orders need to be in by 12:00 noon EST to be shipped same day, in order for you to receive it the next day, otherwise it'll go out the following day. But often we can accommodate overnight orders later in the day, if you are on a very tight timeline feel free to contact us first and see what service we recommend in order for you to receive it by your specific deadline.

Orders over $65 ship free within the US. All orders will receive a shipment confirmation with a tracking number, for US customers your package will be traceable from start to finish, for international orders your tracking number will show the status up until it leaves the US, from there you may or may not get consistent tracking updates (this depends on the shipping service you use, higher rate services come with better tracking, see below for more specific details). For international orders, it is your responsibility to know your countries import restrictions and customs charges, we can NOT be held responsible for any taxes or duties that are to be paid by you once the items you order arrive in your country. 

We currently ship USPS, FedEx and UPS , we ship from Liberty, SC, 29657. If you would like to use your own UPS of FedEx account to ship, you can provide your account number and we will waive the postage charge, the postage will be billed directly to your shipping account.

For USPS shipping times see the list below, for UPS shipping times the delivery time will be indicated in the service (ie, Overnight, 2-day, 3-day), Ground shipments can take from 1-6 days depending on where you are relative to us, use this map to determine UPS ground shipping time:


For US shipments shipped via United States Postal Service:

- USPS First Class mail is considered a 2-5 day service. Average is 3 full days.

- USPS Priority mail is considered a 2-3 day service. This means that anywhere in the United States, if you choose Priority mail, it should be no more than 3 full business days from the time we ship to the time you receive your item. This is very reliable, although they do not make a guarantee

- USPS Priority Express mail is guaranteed overnight service to anywhere in the US*. It will arrive on the next business day from when we ship, in most cases by noon. Please note that if you order late in the day we may not be able to make the deadline for that day, and the package will go out the next day. (*NOTE: USPS now lists Express as 1-2 business day delivery. It will be 1 day (overnight) to about 95% of the country, the exception being small pockets that will now be a 2 day delivery. Our webpage should give you a delivery estimate, or you can check the delivery time to your location on the USPS webpage: enter a shipment from us at 29642 to your zip code, choose Priority Express shipping, and it will tell you your delivery time, either 1 or 2 days.) If you are on a tight schedule, please email us first to make sure we can get it out in time for you. 

* We offer FREE SHIPPING to US addresses for orders over $65. If you choose this option we will select the shipping method that works best for us. Usually First Class mail for small orders, Priority mail or UPS Ground for larger orders. Or, feel free to purchase an upgraded shipping option if necessary.

For International shipments:

USPS First Class mail international can take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on many factors, including your country, location, import process and customs wait times. Average delivery time is about 2 weeks, but this is certainly not guaranteed. The tracking info will show the packages status up until it leaves the United States, after that you may or may not see updates, depending on your country. This is the most affordable service for most small to medium sized orders, but if you can't afford to potentially wait a long time, you should consider an upgraded service

USPS Priority mail international is considered a 6-10 business day service*. Usually this is very accurate, but again it also depends on things like customs wait times and other factors. Usually the tracking info is also better than First Class mail, but again it is not always complete. It is a much better service than First Class mail, but if you need the item faster, consider the next option, Express mail:

USPS Express mail international is considered a 3-5 business day service*. This is the fastest and most reliable international service we ship with.   

* For International shipments, these time-frames DO NOT factor in possible wait/processing times at customs. That can extend the delivery time and is completely out of our control. If you wish to use a private carrier such as UPS that option is available, they tend to be much faster but can also be more expensive than public courier like USPS. (US to Canada UPS rates are very competitive, often times cheaper than USPS on large orders, so check the rates yourself). If you have your own shipping account with a carrier you can also set up the shipment on your end, pay the fee, and send us the shipping/label info to ship (contact us and we will waive the shipping charge on your order). Please note that our prices DO NOT INCLUDE any potential additional charges that customs in your country may levy with regards to importing merchandise (taxes, VAT, duties, etc). Often with small orders countries will not bother with these charges, or excuse them up to a certain value, every country is different though and we can not be held responsible for these charges. If you get hit with a tax charge you are not comfortable with, you can always decline the shipment, we will refund your order when it is returned but we CANNOT REFUND WHAT YOU PAID IN POSTAGE, that money will be lost.

******Private couriers like UPS may also charge additional brokerage fees in order for you to claim your package, that is something to consider if you choose them instead of USPS for international shipments!*******