3-Wire Round

3-wire Round Cloth Covered Cord

One of the most popular styles in our line of vintage wire, our round 3-wire cloth covered cord comes in over 50 different colors, cloths and patterns. From funky to chic, industrial to rustic, modern to antique, we've got just the right cord for your lighting or electrical project. The versatile style of the round "pulley" cord makes it great for almost any lighting (pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, swagged fixtures, retractable lighting), as well as a great option for rewire jobs on vintage fans, radios and more.  Add authenticity to an antique restoration or use this to power your do-it-yourself lighting creation, also great to make light-duty extension cords and cloth covered power charger extenders.

This SVT round 3-wire cloth covered cord features a 3 conductor core, vinyl round insulating jacket, and an outer fabric braid to finish it off. Completely up to modern day specs and safety standards, this round 3-conductor wire is all UL listed, and all MADE IN USA! We don't bother with the cheap junk, China knock offs, or poor quality reproductions, the price difference is minimal and your project deserves the better than that.

We only make our round cords in 3-wire, but it's very common to use it in 2-wire situations, if the ground connection is not needed simply snip off the green wire and leave it unused.

18-gauge unless otherwise noted in title. Sold per-foot, discounts applied at 25, 50, and 100 foot orders.

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