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Our collection of metal, porcelain enamel, and glass lamp shades: the perfect finishing touch to all your lighting projects, or a great replacement piece for an easy style upgrade on your existing lamp shade fixtures! From farmhouse to vintage industrial to rustic chic, our shades can give you just about any look you are trying to achieve. Our colorful shades are a true porcelain enamel finish, (not a cheap faux paint job!), just like the originals found in old schoolhouses, gas stations and warehouses. An authentic slice of vintage Americana!

Attaching easily with our threaded shade fitters, just match the right sized holder to one of our uno-threaded brass lamp sockets and you've got yourself an easy DIY lighting project at a fraction of the cost of the high end retailers. Our glass globes also offer a stunning look, spanning the mid-century modern era to contemporary and modern lighting trends.

Our vintage light shades can be mounted in any direction: hanging in pendant fashion is the most common, but they can be mounted upright as well (with the shade sitting on the fitter), or even angled or horizontal, such as on desk lamps or wall mounted moveable sconces.

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