Incandescent Filament Edison Light Bulbs

Some things just never go out of style. Edison incandescent filament bulbs offer a timeless look, their glowing strands emitting a soothing warm glow, providing functional light as well as ambiance and interest. Standard base (e26), these bulbs fit most fixtures that any normal light bulb would fit, and make for an easy and affordable style upgrade on fixtures from pendants, lamps, ceiling fans, vanities, and more.

Our bulbs come in multiple wattages, and are all completely dimmable, compatible with any dimmer unit. 30 watts or less will offer a great mood lighting, ambiance and style, but not so much light that it floods the room. Best in spaces where functional lighting is not needed, or where supplemental lighting is available for times where it is needed. Can be combined with multiple bulbs to increase total light output.

60 watt bulbs are best for most situations where functional lighting is a must. When choosing a wattage, consider that all Edison style bulbs are going to feel less "bright" than their standard bulb counterparts; it's just a product of their style, soft warm light vs harsh cool light. Err on the side of choosing a brighter bulb than you think you need, and consider the possibilities of dimming them if that is an option on your fixture.

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