Light Bulbs

Antique Style Edison Filament Light Bulbs:

The timeless filament bulb, as beautiful and majestic today as it was the first time it illuminated the workshop of Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, NJ, 1878. Not a lot has changed with the incandescent filament bulbs we sell today (well, other then they now last over 3,000 hours instead of only 13!), we curated our collection based on the traditional glass shapes of the early days of electric lighting, and make sure the filaments are true to form in classic patterns like the long hairpin arch, the corkscrew spiral, and the squirrel cage design.

What HAS changed in recent years is the advent and perfection of the LED bulb, and with that comes some truly magnificent low-energy replicas of the classic incandescent filaments. As one of the first companies selling the breakthrough "curved filament" LED bulbs, we can say without doubt that the LED filament style bulbs we sell are so close to the real thing that you'll be scratching you head in amazement that an LED can look so pleasing (we sure were!). Low wattage, energy efficient, almost no heat output, fully dimmable, and a true amber glow, just like their incandescent descendants.

Light Bulb Styles:

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