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Cloth Covered Cord & Plug Rewire Cordsets

Let us do some work for you: we'll customize an 8-foot color cord of your choice and attach the plug, all you'll have to do is wire it up to your project! Whether you're rescuing an antique lamp, rewiring a vintage fan or other small appliance, or building your own DIY lighting, our cloth covered electrical wires with a plug are a great starting point.

We do 8 feet as the standard because it's the most commonly used length for a wide variety of projects, but we can also customize the length: simply add the 8' cordset of your choice to your cart, then add the additional cord length needed from our per-foot listings. For example, if you need a 15 foot black cotton twisted cord with a black plug attached, order the 8' cordset plus an additional 7 feet from the per-foot listing. Leave a note for us at checkout that you want that all in one cord (don't worry, we combine it by default when we see that on an order!)

Over 100 cords to choose from, 18-gauge unless otherwise noted. By default, all cords come with a 2-prong electrical plug attached, since most lighting and small appliance projects would only need a 2-wire hookup. Even the 3-conductor cords will come with a 2-prong plug! The ground wire will not be utilized, we just don't sell our round cords in a 2-wire option, so for 2-wire setups using a 3-wire cord we just snip off the green wire and leave it unused. You should do the same on the other end when hooking it up (we'll write you a reminder in the package :) If you need a 3-wire grounded setup, we do offer a 3-prong here. Inline cord switches can also be added to these.

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