2-Wire Parallel

2-wire Flat Parallel Cloth Covered Cord

Two conductor parallel lamp cord, while not typically known for it's good looks on modern day lighting, takes on a whole new form when it has our vibrant, beautiful cloth covering braided over it! Transforming bland utilitarian into the focal point of your fixture, our cloth cords will take any project to the next level. Consider yourself warned: you'll soon want every light in your home fitted with a 2-conductor cloth covered wire. But we assure you this is a good addiction to have, it's an affordable way to rewire any table or floor lamp, vintage fan or small radio, wired clocks and vintage electronics.

This flat parallel wire cord consists of a modern day SPT vinyl insulated cable, with a cotton, rayon or nylon cloth braiding on the outside, fully up to modern day safety standards and UL listed. The hot and neutral are designated under the cloth (hot is smooth, neutral has a ridge on the side). The flat skinny shape of the cord makes it great for snaking through smaller openings and tight bends, brass fixture arms and threaded lamp nipples. 2-conductor cloth covered wire can be used for pendant lighting but it's typically found more on table and floor lighting, (our twisted or round style cords would be more common on pendant lights).

Every one of these flat parallel wire cords are Made in USA, ensuring unsurpassed quality and genuine authenticity.


18-gauge unless otherwise noted in title.Sold per-foot, discounts applied at 25, 50, and 100 foot orders.


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