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Worlds Biggest Edison Bulbs

You'll have to see it to believe it! These bulbs are HUGE, and sure to make a statement in any room you place them in. The standard socket screw base make them easy to work with: simply screw them into an existing fixture to create a brand new look, or build a basic pendant light or table lamp from the ground up; we've got all the parts! These bulbs are pretty much a light fixture in and of themselves... ditch the boring shade or the dated glass pendant, these bulbs speak for themselves!

With both LED and Incandescent options, these large scale vintage style Edison filament bulbs are big, beautiful and ready to be your home or businesses biggest conversation starter! The best part is, despite their size we are still honoring our "free shipping over $65" within the US offer, so don't delay, grab a few of these giants today!

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