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Vintage style looks as well as quality, we set out to prove wrong the old adage "they don't make 'em like they used to," in fact our sockets show that sometimes, they actually make 'em better! We specialize in absolute top quality Edison lamp holders, to satisfy the need for quality craftsmanship as well as aesthetic beauty. Built better from the ground up with solid brass, threaded shells instead of snap-together, and high quality finishes such as Antique Bronze, Satin and Polished Nickel, Polished Copper, Satin Black and Polished Brass. Our porcelain socket selection also does not disappoint, heavy duty and classic in their minimalist appearance, they work great on everything from industrial fixtures to household lighting to marquee signage. Affordable without sacrificing an ounce of quality or integrity, our sockets are often priced about equal to what the big box stores sell basic inferior sockets, (the ones you'll be replacing again within a year!)

Our brass and porcelain light sockets are medium base e26 US standard size, unless otherwise noted. Most sockets have a 1/8ip threaded base (this size measures about 3/8", the most common size for lamp pipe and accessories like lamp harps and strain relief pieces to thread into). These brass and porcelain light sockets can be used on almost any indoor situation, facing upright, sideways, upside down and every position in between.

If using a fitter style shade, please be sure to purchase an "uno-threaded" socket, and the appropriate sized uno-threaded shade fitter. While uno threading is considered a long running standard in the industry, and our sockets will match up with most other shade fitters (and our fitters with most other sockets), there are always exceptions, especially some newer manufacturers making proprietary sized threads that only match up with their specific parts.

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