LED Filament Edison Bulbs

Finally, an LED filament bulb gorgeous enough to carry the torch Edison lit over 100 years ago. Curved filament technology and a smooth, sleek light output makes it hard to tell these aren't a true incandescent filament! All the beauty of a carbon filament bulb with the convenience, longevity and energy efficiency of modern LED technology.

What sets our bulbs apart from the competition:

  • Curved filaments for an authentic Edison replica
  • Warm light tone, not harsh white light
  • Fully dimmable on ALL dimmers: wide range and smooth movement
  • Even light output, no flickering (even when dimming)
  • Electronics completely concealed in the bulb base, so the glass and filament portion of the bulb looks appealing.
  • Extremely long lasting, 13+ years based on average usage
  • Name brand bulbs, not cheap no-names. 5 year warranty backed by the manufacturer.

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