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Bulb Cages / Lamp Guards

One of our most popular and versatile items, light bulb cages can transform any boring fixture into an interesting conversation piece. Serving to be decorative as well as utilitarian, the industrial feel not only provides character but also protects the bulb from damage, lending great value to exposed bulb fixtures that might be in a high traffic area. Complimenting the retro feel of our Edison filament bulbs, these adjustable clamp-on cages attach to most all sockets, making for easy style makeover on existing fixtures, or for a great addition to minimalist lighting creations, like iron pipe lamps, bare bulb Edison pendants, mobile trouble lights and even wall sconces. Our customers have transformed everything from ceiling fans, bathroom sconces, vintage porcelain ceiling fixtures, to table and desk lamp shades.

Most regular sized light bulbs will fit in these cages (A19, A21, S18, S21, T14, G25), but larger bulbs like G30+, our Grand Nostalgics, etc, will be too large. These will clamp to all of our sockets (except the porcelain flush mount), as well as most commonly found household lamp holders. Brass sockets are smaller and thus will be looser than thicker sockets like porcelain or plastic. Our brass sockets have a 1.5" retaining ring, which is the ideal size for clamping too, as opposed to the thinner neck of the socket. Some setups will require clamping to the neck of the brass socket, and know this setup will work but it will not be a firm grip, and the cage will be more decorative rather than a true protector of the light bulb inside.

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