3-Wire Twisted

Twisted Cloth Covered 3-wire Cord

Similar in style and design to our 2-wire twisted cord, our 3-wire version simply adds an extra conductor for instances where a ground connection is needed. Another common use: situations where you may be looking for a thicker looking cord, 3-wire twisted has a thicker, fuller look than the 2-wire twisted, and can bear a little more weight if your fixture is heavy and the cord is the only thing holding it. Great for pendant lighting, lamps, table fans and small appliances, our cloth cords are perfect for adding some flare to boring vinyl corded lamps, or for creating your own DIY fixtures from scratch. This cord is easy to work with as each individual cord is already separate from each other, and color coded under the cloth to indicate hot, neutral and ground. 18 gauge cord, the norm for basic lighting and fixture wiring.

The classic vintage look is as authentic as it gets, up to modern day standards and the absolute top quality on the market. Make lighting fun!

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