Wire: Metal Covered

Metal Braided Electrical Cord

Our metal covered electrical cords offer a truly unique look, an industrial take on the ever popular cloth covered electrical cords found across the lighting decor landscape. Please note these are NOT cloth cords with metallic looking finishes, these are TRUE METAL MESH coverings! Offering durability, aesthetic charm and colorful shine, these round metal covered electrical wires are sure to make your lamps and small appliances stand out from the pack.

Currently offered in Brass, Copper, and Steel braiding, these metal braided lighting cables are constructed just like our 3-wire round cloth covered cords, the only difference is the exterior braiding. Full disclosure: working with metal covering does present a little more difficulty than working with cloth, but it is essentially the same idea, you'll just need a sharper scissor, knife or snipper to cut through the metal than you would a cloth covering. You'll get the hang of it, and the result with be so worth it!

18-gauge unless otherwise noted in title. 3-wire cords can be used as 2-wire simply by snipping off the green ground wire and leaving it unused.

Sold per-foot, discounts applied at 25, 50, and 100 foot orders.

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