LED Edison Bulb - G25, Curved Vintage Spiral Filament, 4w/40w equiv.

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Spiral LED Edison Bulb - T14, Curved Vintage Style Spiral Filament Bulb

Most Authentic looking nostalgic LEDs on the market!

4w LED (40w equivalent), Fully dimmable on all dimmer types!

Finally, an LED filament bulb that looks as good as their classic incandescent counterparts, without breaking the bank! This spiral filament bulb uses 10 times less energy (4 watts vs 40 watts) and lasts 5 times as long (15,000 hours vs 3,000 hours). Cutting edge technology allows the LED filament to actually curve (vs other LEDs with only straight filaments) to form the warm glowing spiral that vintage Edison bulbs are renowned for. These spiral LED Edison bulbs look amazing turned on as well as turned off! Shop this G25 LED bulb today!

"Replicates the look and feel of nostalgic incandescent filament lighting, but with the energy efficiency of LED technology. The Curved LED Filament series offers the same light output, functionality, and appearance as traditional Nostalgic Lighting, with a modern twist. The ingenious shape of the fully moldable LED filament provides a visually stimulating element that can't be replicated with standard LED lighting. Marrying innovation, style, and new technology, these Curved LED Filaments bring efficiency and unique style to any space."

Spiral LED Edison Bulbs:

- Bulbs are brand new, in original factory box (Bulbrite)
- 4 Watts (40 watt incandescent equivalent)
- Fully compatible with all dimmer types
- Clear glass, amber toned filament output
- Medium E26 Base, 120 Volts
- 15,000 Hour Life
- Brightness: 190 Lumens, Light Appearance: 2200k (warm)
- G25 shape "Globe bulb", 3.15" diameter, 4.60" tall (height includes 1" screw base)

********* Wattage rated for 120 Volts Standard AC, may not be compatible with 240 volt countries**********

Spiral LED Edison Bulbs:

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