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Let no detail go unnoticed, our vintage replica plugs are a nod to the early days of electricity and offer safety as well as authenticity to any restoration project or DIY lighting creation. Ranging in periods from the early 1900's bakelite style button plugs with the push-on insulators, to the Victorian era long neck decagon plug-ins, to the mid century 2-prong plug replacements, to right angle electrical plugs and 3-prong plugs and outlets, we offer a plug to match any project.

All our plugs are hand picked to work great in conjunction with our beautiful cloth covered electrical cords, for lamp and small appliance rewiring or for a quick upgrade to an existing cord you may have. All specifically designed to be opened and wired quickly and easily, these are perfect for everyone from amateur do-it-yourself-ers to professional electricians, makers and designers.

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