White Parallel (Flat) Cloth Covered Wire, Rayon - PER FOOT

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!!!!!----- This white cloth covered electrical wire is priced by the foot, so please adjust your quantity accordingly. -----!!!!!

!!!!!----- Example: If you want 10 feet of cotton twisted cloth wire, enter 10 in the quantity box, and you will get one 10' length of white cloth covered electrical wire!-----!!!!!

The perfect addition to any lamp or small appliance such as fans and radios, this beautiful white cloth covered electrical wire is a great way to replicate that vintage industrial age charm.

This is BRAND NEW reproduction antique style 2-wire, 18 gauge (known as 18/2) flat parallel wire. There are two stranded copper insulated wires bound together side by side (much like common lamp wire of today) then covered in a braided rayon fabric. The fabric is smooth and shiny, similar to old industrial age silk covered wiring.


  • Cloth: Rayon 
  • Max: 300 Volts, 105 Degrees Celsius 
  • Diameter: Wide Side: 5.7 mm (about 7/32); Narrow Side: 4.8 mm (about 3/16")
  • UL: Yes
  • Made In USA 

2 wire parallel cord is available in 16 cloth colors, see our other listings! We have over 70 varieties of cloth covered wire available!

Plugs shown not included, but are available in the "Plugs" section

Suitable for: 

Table-top, floor, and pendant use as well as many other applications, include wiring fans and small appliances. Wire is not intended to carry a heavy electrical load, and should not be used for larger appliances, high heat settings, or to carry other large electrical currents. You are responsible for the safe use of this white parallel cord, if you are unsure of your abilities or the requirements of your application, we recommend you consult with an electrician or qualified professional. A simple rewiring can really breathe new life into an old fixture, if you're unsure of how to do it there are many step by step instructions and videos that can be found online, it's easier than you think!

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    Cloth Covered Wire

    Posted by Matt on Jan 13th 2024

    While this seems to be an excellent product so far I had a couple of very minor concerns. One is that the width of the wire is smaller than I expected and the site does not give actual dimensions. This made it easy to rewire my lamps and to add a dimmer but it seems a little thin. The second is that the rayon covering will completely unravel when cut. The covering also wants to slip down the wire when cut. The piece I ordered had a small bit of tape wrapped at the cut end but I was unprepared when I cut the wire to install a dimmer. I solved the problem with a tiny bit of glue before I split the wire. This kept the rayon in place and kept it from unravelling though I am uncertain of how it will effect the longevity of the product.

    REPLY FROM SHV: Hi Matt thank you for the feedback, regarding the measurements, they are all in the listing, every item has a Specs section in the item description that gives relevant sizing info (18 gauge, Physical dimensions are 5.7 mm (about 7/32) by 4.8 mm (about 3/16). This is the smallest cord we sell, if you want larger diameter we our twisted cords, round cords, overbraid cords will all be a bit bigger.

    Regarding the cloth unraveling, leaving the masking tape on (it will come like this from us, and if you need to make additional cuts) will solve that problem while you are working with the cord and feeding it through pipes etc, once you go to install you can swap that for a small piece of electrical tape, concealed in the plug, switch, or socket, whatever you are wiring. Super glue is also a popular option, although personally we think it is overkill and messier than standard electrical tape. This info is also all available in our blog (How To Wire a Switch, and How to Prep Cloth Covered Wire), as well as some entries in our FAQ section. Or just reach out to us, we are always here to help!