New Product: Metal Braided Jacket Cords

Posted by Snake Head Vintage on Jun 24th 2019


Introducing New Metal Covered Cords

Metal braided industrial 3-wire lamp cords

   A whole new take on colorful cloth covered wiring, these cords are jacketed with pure METAL mesh braiding! Available in Natural Brass, Natural Red Copper, and Stainless Steel, these cords have authentic industrial cred while at the same time providing a soft, elegant style that pairs perfectly with our brass finish sockets.

   Try the Copper cord with our Polished Copper sockets and hardware, the Brass cord with our Polished or Unfinished Brass parts, and the Steel with our Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel or Unfinished Steel parts... or go rouge and mix & match the different metal finishes to your hearts content!

Check out our metal braided lighting cables now!