Project Ideas: Top 10 Industrial Lamp Projects

Posted by Snake Head Vintage on Jul 25th 2019


Top 10 Industrial Lamp Projects

    It's no secret that we've got some REALLY creative customers all over the world making all kinds of cool lighting with our parts. No style or trend is unobtainable, and the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs we've seen.

  Here we'll be listing (in no particular order) some of our favorite industrial lighting projects, everything from gritty iron, copper and steel pipe, cool gauges and gears, steampunk spigots and valves; there are things here that'll make your jaw drop and hopefully get your own gears turning (pun intended) on a project idea for yourself! 

#10 - Shade & Cage Pipe Lamp

Shade and Cage pipe lamp, industrial enamel shade table lightThis flashy light by Brian at Steam Age Lamps is a great example of melding multiple new parts with salvaged parts to create a unique and cohesive lamp! Industrial black piping, a valve, a gauge and gears form the body, while our twisted cloth cord, red metal lamp shade, steel bulb cage, solid brass pull-chain socket and Edison bulb finish supply the back-end.

#9 - Simple Pipe Ceiling Fixture

The beauty in this fixture is not only how great it looks, but how easy it is to create! Basic iron pipe parts (found at any home improvement or plumbing store) is assembled and mounted to the ceiling wherever your fixture is desired. The wiring can then come from wherever your nearest ceiling junction box is, swag over and dangle down at any length. Don't have a way to hard wire it? The best part is this can also be turned into plug-ins, with enough cord length to travel down the wall to the nearest outlet. By Marie in France

#8 - Creative Drill Bit Sconce

Blue ribbon for creative use of upcycled parts! A vintage core drill bit is repurposed into a beautiful and unique shade for this one of a kind industrial wall sconce. Galvanized piping provides the body and wall mount, A "T" fitting perfectly placed to allow the cloth covered twisted cord to exit down to a wall plug. Hidden from view is the vintage reproduction socket and filament bulb housed inside. By Nicholas AKA Urbean_Legend

#7 - Gear Puller Pipe Lamp

This super cool steampunk table lamp hits all the marks, and the repurposed gear puller makes for a truly unique "lamp shade"! Our favorite detail is the all industrial metal coloring except for two pops of red: the turn-knob spigot that acts as the on/off, and the red cloth covered twisted cord. A Radio style Edison bulb seals the deal. By Nick at Impractical Lighting (@impractical_lighting)

#6 - A Little Bit Of Everything Sconce

You know it's a true one of a kind when even we can't identify all the parts and pieces that make up a light! This unique wall sconce has so much going on, but still manages to offer a very functional and useful fixture: two independent lights on either side, mounted to movable arms to allow you to position the light where you need it: over your desk, workbench, reading chair, or perhaps a mancave bar.  By Todd at All That Patina

#5 - Elegance Meets Industrial

Steampunk has never looked as elegant as this! A relatively small footpring shows off this designers ability to accomplish a lot without overdoing it: two gauges on the left create a perfect balance for the two lights on the right. Edison bulbs and steel bulb cages finish the look.  By Diego in Italy

#4 - A Masterclass in Gear Work

You can't deny that Donnie is in a class of his own when it comes to using gears, splines, cogs, pistons and more to create truly unique works of functional art. Copper pipe blends perfectly with copper hardware, brass fittings, and chrome gears, with black and grey hounds-tooth cord powering this beast. A mix between futuristic robotics and vintage machine age design, we love the style as much as we appreciate the lamps!  By Donnie at Broken Gear Art

#3 - Pipe Wall Sconce Pair

Another one from Diego, this time a pair of perfectly balanced pipe wall sconces. The simple structure built from iron pipe creates an undeniable industrial look, each with a single down light protruding from the center of the fixture. Wired together from a central wall junction, cloth covered twisted cord power each spigot-turned-switch, and Marconi style Edison bulbs and steel cages finish the design.  By Diego in Italy

#2 - Beer Sign Pipe Chandelier

Another great one from Nick, here's a one of a kind Genesee Beer bar sign that got installed above a pool table. Black piping with contrasting brass elbows and couplings make up the body of this fixture, and the perfectly sized reducer pieces attached at three ends to secure and conceal the enclosed sockets. Tan cloth covered twisted cord provides the power to the three G30 sized Edison globes.  By Nick at Impractical Lighting

#1 - Bike Chain Gear Wall Sconce

Sometimes simple elegance makes the most powerful statement! This beautiful wall sconce proves that concept, with a repurposed bike gear forming the foundation for a basic copper turn-knob socket mounted to a film reel base. A black and white houndstooth cord provides the juice for a G30 Globe Edison Bulb. By Nicholas aka Urbean_Legend