Candelabra Light Bulb (Small E12 Base), 25 Watts Vintage Edison Style

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Edison Style Light Bulb, Vintage Candelabra Base (e12, SMALL BASE)
Clear Glass, Spiral Filament, A15 shape
These historically accurate reproduction light bulbs are the perfect complement to your homemade lights and lamps, or a great way to add some WOW to any neglected light fixture! Nostalgic feel and vintage charm glow from the classic look of these light bulbs, they will turn any fixture into a work of art. The vintage Edison / Marconi style hand-wound tungsten filament emits a beautiful glow, creating the perfect ambiance. The low wattage makes them more of a decorative / mood lighting / artistic statement, not something that will light up an entire room. Candelabra base, NOT standard base.
Bulbs come in their original factory box and are packaged well for shipment.
  • 25 Watts 
  • Clear Glass
  • Candelabra E12 Base (Small Base)
  • 3000 Hour Life
  • 4.5" tall by 1.25" diameter
  • Wattage rated for 120 Volts Standard AC, but they are also compatible with 240 volt countries

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