Red Jute Covered (Rope Style) Twisted Wire - PER FOOT

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!!!!!----- This red jute cord is priced by the foot, so please adjust your quantity accordingly. -----!!!!!

!!!!!----- Example: If you want 10 feet of red jute cord, enter 10 in the quantity box, and you will get one 10' length of wire.!-----!!!!!

Beautiful and unique jute covered electrical cord, putting a new "twist" on vintage style cloth covered wiring! Perfect for pendant lights, table lamps and all other kinds of interior lighting, these natural rope style cords are great for many hot trending styles including minimalist and eco friendly, rustic and farmhouse, nautical or industrial chic, Edison pulley lighting, etc.

This is BRAND NEW 2-wire, 18 gauge (known as 18/2) electrical cord. Each red rope covered electrical wire is a stranded copper insulated wire (much like standard wiring of today) then covered in a braided hemp-like jute fabric. The material is soft and natural with a truly authentic rope appearance, perfect for creating one of a kind lighting for restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, and almost any room in your home!

  • Sheath Material: Jute
  • Max: 600 Volts, 105 Degrees Celsius 
  • Diameter: 8.75mm, or about 3/8" 

Jute covered cords come in Natural color, Whitewash, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black

Red rope covered electrical wire is suitable for: 
Table-top, floor, and pendant use as well as many other applications, include wiring fans and small appliances. Wire is not intended to carry a heavy electrical load, and should not be used for larger appliances, high heat settings, or to carry other large electrical currents. You are responsible for the safe use of these products, if you are unsure of your abilities or the requirements of your application, we recommend you consult with an electrician or qualified professional. A simple rewiring can really breathe new life into an old fixture, if you're unsure of how to do it there are many step by step instructions and videos that can be found online, it's easier than you think!